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This project is still in its formative stages, but here are a selection of stories we've collected thus far:

A Lesson in Time: by Anne Bell

Chuck's: by Daniel Weinshenker

Julesburg: by Hugh Graham

Keith: by Tim Roessler

Scale: by Daniel Weinshenker

Union Dues: by Tim Roessler


The following links are to the stories created by the students from PS 1 school through the PlatteForum residency; they are in Quicktime format, and the movie should pop up in a new window:

Amber Diaz
Anne Marie Gonzalez
Candace Tafoya
Courtney Jackson
Donavan Rodriguez
Jasmin Zion
Mariah Prieto
Maria Vera-Medina
Mathew Spivack
Tasha Garcia

For more information on the Mile High Stories Project or to submit ideas for inclusion on this site, please feel free to contact us.